Sonntag, 23. Juni 2013

May I introduce you to Mrs El Grande

I have to admit that it was much harder to sew this travelling bag as I expected. I've spent hours with cutting my fabric and with preparing the side pockets. Finally I almost failed with sewing the side pieces. It was very tricky. At this moment I totally lost my patience and made a break. I was disappointed not being able to finish this project in one day.

But now, as I finally finished my work, I am very happy with my girly pink bag. It will be the absolute eyecatcher at the airport when I use it for hand luggage next time.
By the way: We will fly to New York in December! I will tell you more about our plans in my next entry...

Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2013

Dubai / Mauritius 2013

Beeing back home is very sad after such a long journey […]
Our flight to Dubai on 9th May was great. I took one sleeping pill and woke up as the attendant asked to bring the seat in upright position. Our hotel was located in the historic city center of Dubai. But there was a great subway connection to downtown. In the afternoon we visited the amazing Dubai Mall and the highest building of the world: Burj Khalifa. We’ve been on the observation desk which is at the 124th floor of the building and had a beautiful sight on Dubai.

The next day we visited the hotel Atlantis which is located at the reclaimed island Palm Jumeira. We’ve spend our day at the aquarium and the adventurous water park of the hotet.
Our best trip in Dubai was the Jeep desert safari. It was amazing how the driver drifted through the dunes. I must admit that I got a little sick after all.

Of course we took the opportunity to visit also Abu Dhabi, which is the richest emirate of the seven United Arabic Emirates. We visited the impressive Schaikh Zayed Grand Mosque and the Emirates Palace. It was a unique experience to see this famous places.

We planed a very special event for our last day in Dubai. We’ve had a reservation at the Sky View Bar of the amazing hotel Burj Al Arab for afternoon tea. Did you know that you aren’t allowed to enter the hotel without a reservation in one of its restaurants or without booking a room?  I enjoyed our afternoon tea very much. This day I drunk champagne the first time in my life.

On 15th May we finally arrived in Mauritius. Thank to the sleeping pills, the flight wasn’t exhausting for me. Our hotel was located in the north of the island. We liked it very much. Best of all was the delicious food every morning, midday and evening which was included. Of course we’ve eaten too much during our stay. But it was impossible to be able to resist.

Of course we spent some days just relaxing on the beach, doing nothing but lying on our loungers and drinking tasty cocktails. But we also made various trips across the beautiful island.

One day we made a tour with a catamaran to a small, lonely island in the north. The ride was very adventurous as the sea was rough that day. After one hour I got seasick but I pulled myself together and didn’t puke. I felt better as we arrived at the island. Later we made a delicious BBQ and I forgot about my troubles.

Next day we visited the eastside of the island via taxi and had the opportunity to see the most beautiful beach of Mauritius called Ile aux Cerfs. Our taxi drivers’s name was Willa. He was an elderly man who’s family came from India long time ago. He was a very good tour guide and told us a lot about the whole island.

Our next adventure was a trip with a speedboat at the westside of Mauritius. We hoped to see some dolphins and to get the opportunity to swim with them. Unfortunately the dophins weren’t interested to get in touch with us. But we enjoyed the trip with the speedboat and visited another beautiful wild island.

The most interesting experience was our quad tour through a safari park with wild animals. At the end of the tour we got the unique opportunity to make a walk with two female lions through the safari park. I was very excited. We’ve been also allowed to touch the animals and do some incredible pictures with them. 

We’ve also visited the capital of Mauritius Port Louis, the extinct volcano called Trou aux Cerfs and the beautiful botanic garden during our stay.
At our last day we enjoyed a very relaxing massage at our hotel. Of course we’ve been very sad to leave Mauritius in the same night. We finally realized that our exciting vacation came to an end. Our flight back via Dubai was long and exhausting. I was happy as we arrived home after travelling almost 23 hours.

Sonntag, 9. Juni 2013

New project

Our amazing trip to Dubai and Mauritius is unfortunately over. We are back home for two weeks now. I will write about our unforgettable impressions shorty.
But first of all I will tell you about my upcoming new sewing project. Yesterday I found this chicky fabric by chance which will turn to an very useful travelling bag soon.

My friend Kasia will show me how it works. She sewed this bag some time ago during her sewing class. Check out her blog for more information: