Dienstag, 28. Januar 2014

Girl's stuff

I hope the new owners of my latest creations are satisfied with my work. I am very happy that my products are getting popular and that there are people who appreciate the value of handmade things. Thank you all!

Sonntag, 26. Januar 2014

Sölden 2014

D. had a very special wish for his 30 birthday: He asked me to travel with him to Austria for skiing. I was definitely not thrilled about this crazy idea. Both of us had absolutely no experience in skiing. And I had never the wish to change this situation as I am the biggest chicken on earth, always afraid of hurting myself by accident. It took several months until D. finally convinced me to spend one week with him in the snow.

We visited the beautiful small town Sölden in Austria last week by car. On the first three days we took skiing lessons which were hard and exhausting. I was very frustrated at the beginning because I've been the worst learner of the group. I was scared of the speed and hadn't enough power in my legs. After the lessons we have been always extremely tired and spent the evenings in the wellness area of our hotel instead of doing "Aprés Ski".  

As our skiing lessons were over after three days, we finally started to enjoy our vacation without any pressure. D. helped me to make progress and was very happy that I had the ambition getting better with every day. 

Our trip to Austria was much better than I've ever expected. I enjoyed the snow, the amazing view at the giant mountains, the fresh air, the very good food and the relaxing long evenings in our hotel. And I am looking forward to go skiing again to improve my skills very soon!