Sonntag, 18. Mai 2014

We did it! Our wedding in Las Vegas

First of all, my apologies for keeping this secret, but just a tiny circle of people did know about our extraordinary plan.
We decided to marry in Las Vegas at new years eve on our way to Bavaria to visit our friends. I was so excited about it and of course it wasn’t easy not telling everybody about what will happen in April.

We left Germany on 21st April and were very exhausted as we finally arrived in Vegas. Our hotel – Encore at Wynn – was amazing. We’ve had such a beautiful room with an awesome view at the strip. I felt like in heaven.

Next day we met Melanie (who organized our wedding in LV) at the courthouse to pick up our wedding license. It was so nice meeting her finally in person. She was very lovely and did a very great job.

Our wedding took place on 23rd of April. In the morning I had an appointment at the hairdresser. When I came back we had enough time left to get dressed. Finally a white limousine picked us up and took us to the wedding chapel. Melanie and her boss Petra were already waiting for us and told us what will happen next. Of course we’ve been a little bit excited.
Our ceremony was very romantically and personal. It felt so special as we exchanged our vows and rings. I was happy to share the unique moment just with D.

After our wedding we visited the „Battlefield“. Of course it was D.'s idea to shoot on our wedding day but I also enjoyed this special experience.

Later that day we had an amazing photo-shooting on the Las Vegas strip. Our photographer Keith was such a nice person and very anxious. I am looking forward receiving his pictures soon.
As we came back to our hotel in the evening we took dinner at the restaurant „Le Buffet“. I’ve never seen such a great choice of delicious food. We enjoyed it very much.

On our way back to our room there was another highlight of the day: We met Kevin James! I was so thrilled about it. He was very friendly as I asked him for a picture. I couldn’t believe that this really happened to us on our wedding day.

We spend our honeymoon at Hawaii. First of all we visited the island O’Ahu for three days. It’s hard to describe this incredible beauty of this island. We felt like in paradise. But also Maui impressed us very much. This island is more relaxing. We spend many hours on several beaches and left all our cares behind. 

I am so grateful having the chance to make this amazing experiences. Traveling all over the world with D. incredibly enriches my life. And now we are husband and wife. I still can’t believe that it really happened!

Of course there will be a big wedding party for all our family members and friends here in Germany. It will take place on 23rd April next year. I am looking forward to plan this special day. We will start the arrangements very soon!